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The following information is needed prior to approval of admission:

  • Birth Certificate or birth records -for child enrolling in program as well as all siblings counted in family size
  • Income Verification-If you are a seasonal worker please provide income tax for the previous year & as many recent check stubs as you have. If you are not a seasonal worker please provide check stubs from your most recent month of employment. 
  • Child Immunization Record including TB skin test results for your child. Your child's doctor may indicate that TB risk is not present - if so, they must select this option on the physical form.
  • CHDP - Physical examination, including the results of a Hearing and Vision Exam
  • Address Verification- please provide two of the following: rental agreement, mortgage statement, utility bill, or other document that list address and enrolling parent's name. 
  • Full Day Preschool: Employment verification, documentation that you are seeking work, or if you are a student: Class Schedule and Training Verification
  • Additional documentation may be required for eligibility such as: divorce decree, guardianship, separation, child support, Cash Aide or Food Stamps
  • All children, upon enrollment, must have a completed physician’s report and a TB clearance. Physician’s reports are required annually due to the program’s participation in the Fresno County Early Stars program.

A program application must be completed and submitted to the Early Learning Department with all the documents listed. Once documents are verified and eligibility is determined, parents will be notified. Eligible applicants will be ranked in order of priority according to state preschool guidelines. Available spaces will be given according to family ranking. It is not first come first served. 

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***Registration for the upcoming school year will begin April 29, 2024. Applications will be accepted between April 29th and June 7th. If additional spaces remain after this date, then applications will continue to be accepted until all spaces have been filled. 

If you have any questions email the department at or call (559) 305-7279

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